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Make a Statement

With Kleen-Tex’s custom printed mats, you have the opportunity to transform empty spaces into a dynamic and effective marketing tool. Not only do our products offer effective protection against dirt, dust, and moisture, but they also serve as a powerful platform for conveying important messages to your customers, harnessing untapped potential.

When someone enters a room or building, their eyes instinctively look down to assess the safety of their surroundings. This means that with a custom printed mat, you can reach up to 99% of people who enter your premises with a memorable and impactful message. Whether it’s promoting your brand, showcasing special offers, or warning of potential hazards, the possibilities are endless.

With Kleen-Tex’s state-of-the-art printing technologies and exceptional colour reproduction, you can be sure that your custom printed mat will be eye-catching, innovative and effective.


Custom Printed Ranges

Bold and vibrant mats that can be personalised with your unique artwork or message to add a touch of individuality to your entrance.

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Tough and lasting floor coverings specifically designed to be located where the outdoor elements can degrade lower quality products.

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