SENTINEL HYBRID – Kleen-Tex Sales & Services – Premium, hand manufactured mats
14 May 2020
14 May 2020
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This mat is a moulded base of UV treated polypropylene with a herringbone pattern and a nitrile rubber backing.

To this we add logos or messages to customer specification.
The “Hybrid” portion of the mat is made from an inlaid portion of Jet Print. This allows for more intricate detail in the image & logo.

There are 9 base colours and various Jet-Print colours to choose from.
A cost effective way to promote you logo or message at the point of sale.
The mats are moulded so you get a backing and border all in one with standard sizes.

Standard Sizes:
0.75m x 0.90m
0.90m x 1.50m
1.20m x 1.50m
1.50m x 1.80m
0.90m x 3.00m
0.90m x 4.00m
1.50m x 3.00m
1.20m x 4.00m
1.50m x 3.60m


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